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Mission Statement: It is our goal to bring the Forest Products Industry services with high standards of integrity to assist them with an easy convenient way to stay connected to machinery for sale, to offer a means to sell machinery and offer appraisal services that will allow your company to remain diversified and competitive in today’s global wood products market. Kittrell Appraisals has set the standard in sawmill and wood products equipment appraisals since 1956.

The decision to sell your surplus equipment is important:

The type of marketing can affect the sales price, the marketing time and the time you take away from your daily business activities.

Hold the machine in-house and deal with people you may or may not know – Brokers, Individuals, and yes some unethical ones as well they do show up, believe me.

Sit by the phone and wait for it to ring?
This can happen while you the seller are very busy with your business and may not have time to handle a machinery sales transaction. You get all calls: stale, non-qualified and time wasting. Do you really have time to get everyone the information they need when they need it?
Let us do it for you.

As your exclusive selling broker Kittrell Sawmill Brokers will advertise and promote your machinery for sale. This Web site as well as trade journals, personal contact and our monthly newsletter are just a few ways you get exposure in the market. Kittrell Sawmill Brokers works with other brokers in the industry to insure that you have everyone working for you.
However, you only have to work with us.

What do you do? List your machinery exclusively with Kittrell
Sawmill Brokers. Let us put it in the market place for you. Let us qualify the buyers, work with the other brokers in the industry and get it sold for a fair price.

Give me a call today 931-698-3342.

To sell your equipment please provide us with your information. CALL or Click HERE.

Consultation Services

Kittrell Appraisals also offers consultation services that include:
• Marketing Consultations
• Product Liability Cases
• Eminent Domain
• Expert Witness
Or whatever your specific need may be

Call Jacqueline L. Kittrell, USPAP Certified Appraiser today

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Certified Appraisals
Jacqueline L. Kittrell, Certified Appraiser offers certified personal property (machinery and equipment) along with business appraisal studies for Banks, Capital Companies, BIDCO (SBA) and Finance Companies who need certified appraisals to meet the USPAP (Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice) which is the required Federal Professional Standards for appraisal practice. Uses for sawmill and wood products manufacturing appraisals by investors, owners or lenders include some of the following:

Jacqueline Kittrell USPAP Certified Appraiser commits a life time of Knowledge and Experience to Sawmill Industry Appraisals.

Do you operate Sawmill or Other Wood Products Machinery?
You Must Make Informed Decisions Critical to Survival!

You Need To Know:

What you have and what it is worth:
Your assets pledged as collateral for bank financing is serious business. You and your bank need a good working relationship. A USPAP Certified Appraiser that understands the wood industry and its relationships will assist borrowers and lenders in understanding the needs of each party.

Save Hassles in settling insurance claims: Appraise your sawmill before a devastating potential loss.

Partnership buyouts: Appraise your wood products company everyone gets a fair deal.

Gift Tax Benefits: closely owned or held family sawmill and wood product business owners need a qualified appraiser when passing family businesses down to each generation! Current benefits in the tax laws are most likely to change! Be sure you get the most from it NOW!

Defending your business assets: States by law can purchase only a portion of your property and leave Eminent Domain holding the remaining portion, destroy your income producing ability and leave the remainder of your business, sawmill or wood machinery worthless.

Purchasing a Facility or New Installations: you need a valuation to build an asset schedule for accounting and depreciation purposes.

Property Tax State and County - do you receive a fair appraisal by the state on which you pay taxes?

Insurance: Payout structures have changed. Be sure you are covered with an updated replacement cost appraisal! You will be surprised what it will cost you to rebuild. Approved by major Lumberman's Mutual Insurance Companies.

Which Value Do I Need?

Values are established for a variety of needs:
(Definition Of Values)

•  Market Value, “As Is” (As defined by Treasury regulation)
•  Market Value, In-Place
• Replacement Value, Cash Value and/ or Sound Value (Insurance     Purposes)
• Liquidation Value (sale under a financial condition and limited     marketing time)
•  Orderly Liquidation Value – Value of property which is marketed     properly with adequate market exposure and time.
•  Estate Value or Value for Gifting Purposes (business evaluation)

Certified Business Evaluations using AICPA Business Evaluation Standards to determine a going concKittrell Appraisals conforms to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and the Appraisal Qualification Board as adopted by the Appraisal Standards Board of the Appraisal Foundation. Additionally, this appraiser is certified under the Code of Professional Ethics and Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice of the C.A.G.A. and of the O.R.E.A. This appraiser is certified by the Certified Appraisers Guild of America.

See Detailed List for Definition Of Values - HERE